Im just finish my studies and everything. and now sitting lifelessly on the bed typing my heart out as im officially unemployed. It just hard to find a job nowadays. I want to go out from my house but then I know it hard cruel reality life awaits me. I can make my decisions right.

Even though im 24, yup old i know. But still doesnt know what i want. Literally i just follow the flow of my life. Is it good. I dont know either. Seeing JUMP and Arashi song makes my heart wanna go out and try my best out there.

Well wish me luck and hope me find a job.
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Well im currently busy with my internship programme, which i dont know whether i like it or not,because i think it just fine,
hard to fine free time like today, as my FYP also in this sem which basically Im doesnt have a day rest.
When it gonna end.
Okay im being too emotional.
However, give loves for Takaki Yuya for his birtday!!
OMG, my love for HSJ has deeper as time goes by and I never regret it. ^^


They said when you grow up, you can be anything you want.
well they definitely right, but no one said that the path are full with torn.
It hard to be yourself anymore, when you bigger you know how to fake your smile,
and to be truths,
I envy the smile of young children, where I just know their face never deny their heart.
They sincere smile when they happy, and cry when they are sad.
Where grown ups are being taught to be more brave and stand up by your owns.

However, I know that reality always the one we expect.
Just to be said, that Im happy with who I am.


Losing someone you love is hard,
especially the close ones.
It really hard knowing you gonna see the face for the last times and the glimpses of memory started to reappear one by one.
However, the world never gonna stop for no one.
Thats life.
where you have to overcome it and never let it stop you achieving your dreams.

Patience is hard

i feel like it have been a long time since ive updated.
Well cant wait to finish my studies,
can't wait to watch hey say jump new vid,
can't wait to watch yuto new movie and drama,
can't wait to get everything done.

Mid term break

Finally i have a time to relax and chill for a whole week!!
but then lots of asssignment and internship matter stuff,
but puuting it aside,
who cares LOL,
now it my time to watch all the hey say jump and arashi pv that i miss.


Just finish up, my event that last for two days and im dead tired.
Luckily, it finished.
However, im still havent see the heysayjump mv and im in not in good mood.
The line connection was so slow and im just so busy to catch up.
Please let this weekend come faster so i can enjoy watch my babies.


I just soooo excited.
Its because hey say jump Yuto, new movie.
The trailer was so intense and i can't hardly imagine how yuto acting in the movie.
he's cute and dorky, and suddenly he become that type of guy which i can't hardly describe.
I can't wait to watch it.
Then, his appearance in Busan festival for his movie, was so damn cute.
He just have to tease his fan. Gosh. haha
Then hey say jump, will come out with new pv.
They all look soo cute and hot to at the same time.
God, please spare me.
Im scared that my heart can't take it well.

Farewell love.

free time

just hoping to catch on all the heysayjump video this holiday.
just watching them will make my day becomes more brighter.
I guess.
but they definitely makes me happy. :)

New Semester

really hate it the feeling to return to the campus again after a long time of holiday.
hate to be depressed but yeah thats life.